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ION Install and Handover UK's First Sonnen Systems Bi-axial Tracker System.

On Wednesday 7th September 2011 Ion's MD Michael Calver officially handed over to Mr Nigel Stringer of Boyland Hall in South Norfolk, the UK's first Sonnen Systems biaxial tracker system. The handover was also attended by Mr Thomas Czarnecki, International Sales Manager of the Kirchner Solar Group, the parent company of Sonnen Systems. The bi-axial tracker can produce 9kWp of output  and has a unique design utilising a combination of GPS technology and mathematical algorithems that facilitates up to a 40% gain in solar power gain over equivalent sized systems.


On the RHS of the picture Michael Calver, MD of Ion Energy Ltd, with Mr Thomas Czarnecki, International Sales Manager of the Kirchner Solar Group.

Centre of picture, Mr Nigel Stringer, Ion Energy Ltd client for the 3-60 tracker system.

More detail to follow including press release details)


ION Attend the Renewable Energy Awards Event.

This year Ion Energy Ltd were nominated by NAPIT at the first ever Renewable Energy Awards held in Coventry. The event hosted by TVs Julia Bradbury, recognises the special achievements of companies with projects achieving particular merit in their contribution to renewable energy schemes.

Pictured here is Michael Calver with representatives from the other NAPIT shortlisted companies -
NGPS Ltd -
Renewable Electric -
C Changes -
with Mike Andrews (NAPIT Group Director) and Julia Bradbury.



Customer Satisfaction

All of our returned Customer Satisfaction Surveys, received thus far, show an  extremely encouraging  100% satisfaction both with the service provided and installation delivery. Where we have received additional bouquets along with the returned survey, we will publish these alongside the relevant installation images. We will only do this where we have our  clients' permission hence not all such bouquets can be published. 

We will in due course publish our Customer Satisfaction Survey results and you can then see for yourselves why people chose ION Energy Ltd and not our competitors!


Ten Questions to consider when choosing Your Solar PV Installer

 We thoroughly recommend you consider the following questions when selecting your Solar PV installer:

Q1. Is the installer fully accredited under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme? The answer needs to be YES otherwise you will not be get the required sign-off for your FIT payments.

Q2. Is the installer willing to refer you to past customers as proof of the company's standards and customer satisfaction? The answer should be YES else what are they trying to hide?

Q3. Is the Installer Part P registered? The answer should be YES. A new circuit will need to be provided as part of the installation and this circuit needs to be notified to the Local Building Control department of your Local Authority.

Q4 Is the installer a member of associated industry trade associations?  The answer should be YES since reputable companies draw from, and contribute to, industry standards and latest developments. Typical trade organisations and schemes that promote standards and look after customer interests are the 'Renewable Energy Assurance' (REA), 'Trustmark', and Local Authority schemes such as 'Trusted Trader'.

Q5 Does the installer use MCS registered components and quality products? The answer should be YES. All relevant components used in the installation should be MCS accredited for use in the UK. Additionally there is a vast selection of available components that may be of dubious quality. A vital component is the inverter, this must conform to the UK G83 standard - not all inverters do!

Q6. Does the installer carry out a comprehensive survey of the property prior to any quotation/proposal? The answer should be YES. It is vital that the existing electrical installation, the roof structure and unencumbered roof space issues are fully understood and explained prior to installation proposal. Additional remedial work may be required prior to any Solar PV installation. Adjacent buildings, roof dormers and trees etc can cause shading issues and thus adversely affect the performance of any proposed system.

Q7 Does the installer provide a written quotation with clearly explained and itemised costs? The answer should be YES. You do not want to receive unexpected addititional bills because the quotation has not been clear and comprehensive. A typical additional cost, not made clear in the quote, could be remedial electrical work or the erection of scaffolding. If you are a potential customer with a disability or language difficulties, then a reputable company should facilitate or recommend the presence of a trusted friend or relative during site visits. This is a requirement of a REA registered company,  as specified in section 5 of the consumer code.

Q8 Does the installer offer warranties and maintenance services? The answer should be YES. If the installer uses quality products and delivers a quality installation there should be no issues with warranty offers.

Q9. Does the installer employ qualified and trained staff/personnel? The answer should be YES. Lots of installations are being delivered to customers by poorly trained sub-contractors who have no lasting responsibility or loyalty to the company. More worringly,  the 'company'  you may find yourself dealing with could  merely be acting as a third party agent for Solar PV installations.

 Q10. Does the installer offer an installation for a price that seems to good to be true? If the answer to this is YES beware!   Quality products, components and installations are not cheap! If it sounds too good to be true it probably is!



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